The cellar and the vineyard are located in the "tancato" of Luzzanas, in the municipality of Benetutti, in Goceano, the region farthest from the sea in a straight line, in the heart of Sardinia, which encapsulates all the most genuine and characteristic 'tannato' flavors and aromas.
The vineyard itself, transplanted in various stages since 2006, and nurtured using support backing and “guyot” pruning, has a plant density of 4,500 stems per hectare. It is fertilized in autumn with composted organic fertilizers. After blossoming , the excess shoots are removed and before the color changes the bunches are thinned. Grapes are harvested manually when the bunches reach perfect maturity: their scrupulous selection and low production per stem guarantee the superior quality of the grapes that are pressed softly to extract only the flower must with the most typical and characteristic scents of Sardinia
In 2012 a new winery was built, located in the center of the vineyards and equipped with the most modern processing plants that has a series of stainless steel barrels and barriques, in which the fermentation of the musts and the refining takes place. Winemaking uses modern techniques of cold maceration, temperature control in all stages of production that combined with the tradition and experience of our winemakers enhance the scents and finesse of wines. The cultivation systems, certified organic, guarantee the correct processing of the soil and pruning of the vines, in total respect for the environment, indispensable premise to achieve a high level of quality. The manual harvesting of the grapes takes place at perfect maturation, their scrupulous selection and low production per strain guarantee the superior quality of the grapes that are pressed softly to extract only the flower must.


The vines, interspersed with green areas of olive and olive trees, among granitic rocks, follow the natural contours of the ground.


The area, covered and gently breezy winds, is pleasant and fertile.Il is mild climate, with significant temperature differences between day and night.


In addition to the native grape Arvisionadu, one of the rarest and oldest in Sardinia, the remaining vineyard is implanted and Cagnulari Cannonau and two international grape varieties: Sangiovese and Syrah.


The vineyards is equipped with modern processing plants, which combined with the tradition and experience of our winemakers bring out the aromas and finesse of the wines.


the Goceano territory, the territory furthest from the sea, in the heart of Sardinia, where you will find the most genuine and characteristic of flavors and scents. The area, always inhabited thanks to the the mildness of the climate, its abundant waters and the fertility of the soil, reveals testaments of historical and archaeological interest. We remember the famous “ipogeo prenuragico di Luzzanas” dating about 6,000 years ago, with a maze carved in its walls, one of the oldest rock carvings recorded. Present in the small farm is a nuraghe with a small source of water used for drinking as well inside the perimeter wall. The area in question was regularly frequented by the ancient Romans thanks to the presence of the thermal springs of Aquae Lesitanae, the current sulfur springs of S. Saturnino, as Claudio Tolomeo who lived in the second century evidences in his book. It is also cited in the Itinerarium Provinciarum, compiled under the emperor “Caracalla” (211-217 AD) in the stretch of road running from Olbia to Caralis passing through the interior of the island. During the preparation of the land for planting of the first vineyard in the 1950s archaeological finds and Roman coins donated to the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari were discovered. Moreover in the Goceano territory, the Romanesque-Pisan church of San Saturnino and the castle of Burgos are not to be forgotten.